The Introduction

Everyone is dependent on energy. We maybe using it as fuel to run our vehicles and heat our homes. It probably electric in our home or business.

While there are plenty of huge drastic ways to save energy. We could trade in our large SUV for a smaller Hybrid model or sell our old uninsulated home and buy a new Green home. There are some other things we can do.

The purpose of this page is to give those common sense little things that we can be doing to help save and conserve energy.

Over the next weeks and months I will be doing research on some of those things and posting them here. Come take a look, use some of these tips and help us all save energy.

Please, if these tips are useful to you donate to help me do this project. Now I am posting these on the free blogger site, but I would like to move this to a dedicated server of its own. This cost money. It also cost me time and money some to do the research and your donation to this would be much appreciated.

Thanks you.
Steve Atkinson

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