Some things to do around the house

Keep filters on furnaces or air conditioners clean. Many systems are recommended to have the filters replaced or clean once a month.

Clear dirt and dust from the coils of refrigerators and freezers. Having them clean allows them to cool more efficiently.

Use fluorescent instead of incandescent lighting. Florescent uses less energy to supply the same amount of light, they last longer and burn cooler. Turn lights off when not being used.

Turn off computers at night, and use sleep mode as often as possible. Reminder, screen savers do not save energy. When not in use turn off televisions, radios and other entertainment equipment.

Unplug devices that use a transformer when not in use. Example; battery chargers. Whenever these devices are plugged in they consume minor amounts of energy. Many devices such as TV and DVD players still use energy when not in use. Unplug them when they won’t be used for a long period of time.

Wash only full loads of clothes. Consider using cold water instead of hot or warm. If using a dishwasher, wait until you have a full load and air dry instead of using the heating cycle.

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